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Cowrie ring

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  • resize Silver opal 3 to 5 days White

Cowrie ring

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Cowrie ring silver Rhodium vermeil 18K yellow gold

  • adjustable ring
  • silver rhodium
  • Vermeil: 925 gold plated
  • Stone: Opal
  • delivery in box
  • certificate
  • jewelry, hand made in the best workshops by artisans of great experiences.
  • The stones are pure and natural, they are chosen by a gemologist.
  • Stone: Opal




Chakra Crown 

crafts: artist all areas 

Calming stone

stone of the artist 

the opal is the only stone a own 7 shades and7 colors.

 has mysterious depths, gives the endurance and courage, andinvisible.

 is hope and symbol of purity. She has a reputation to increaseclairvoyance, to make easier the meditation and reflection, to improveintuition.

 quiet and soothes, promotes love and tenderness, improves thesentimental life. It opens the mind to the spiritual life and restoresvitality to tired people.

The jewelry is rhodium silver and vermeil 18K 3 microns. Our stones are fine and natural, selected by a gemologist.

Cauri : 

Spiritually, according to African legend if you are attracted to the cowrie shells you could be from the family to an ocean spirit of wealth and earth. It also represents the protection of the goddess which is very powerful and linked to the strength of the ocean. Throughout South Africa and North America, the cowry symbolizes the power of fate and prosperity. Considered the mouth of Orsisas, he is also suspected of having taught stories of humility and respect.

Each piece is wrapped in its linen bag.

cleaning jewelery:

Our jewels are all in silver 925/000 rhodium or 18K gold vermeil 3 microns, which means that the metal will not oxidize and darken to light.

Here are some simple maintenance tips to protect all your jewelry in general.

Remember to remove your jewelry at the end of the day, when playing sports and before showering to avoid the risk of shocks that can damage pavements and gems.

A simple, effective and economical way to clean your jewelry is to soak them in a glass of warm water filled with a few drops of dishwashing liquid.

Using a soft brush, clean the entire jewel gently in order to remove deposits. Dry with a soft cloth.

size :resize
material :Silver
stones :opal
delivery :3 to 5 days
Colors :White

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Cowrie ring

Cowrie ring

Cowrie ring

Regarded as a stone strongly associated with emotions, including love, passion and spontaneity. Opal helps visualization, imagination, dreams, and healing.


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