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PalmTree bracelet

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  • resize Gold topaz blue london 3 to 5 days

 Bracelet rhodium silver and vermeil 18k 3microns set with a blue topaz London.

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Bracelet  rhodium silver and vermeil 18k 3microns set with a blue topaz London.

"Find me under the palm"

  • Bracelet
  • jewelry
  • Cameos
  • Jewelry comes in its pocket
  • jewelry, hand made in the best workshops by artisans of great experiences.
  • The stones are pure and natural, they are chosen by a gemologist.

This collection of jewelery, wants tropical, vacation .... feel a range of taste, sunset on the beach .... they stick to the skin like a tattoo that smells like summer, even heart of the urban jungle ....

The jewelry is rhodium silver and vermeil 18K 3 microns. Our stones are fine and natural, selected by a gemologist.

Each piece is packed in his pocket.

Vermeil: 925 18K gold plated 3 microns

Blue topaz london: stone relaxing, soothing, tolerant

Property Topaz:

Topaz stone December

Topaz stone of the zodiac sign Capricorn

Topaz stone to offer 4 years of marriage ....

is a stone that symbolizes faith, righteousness and loyalty. She is very positive and broadcasts a very powerful energy. It promotes dialogue, openness and honesty. It awakens intuition. It strengthens the nerves and improves digestion.

Peridot: energizing, harmonizing, revitalizing

Property of peridot

Peridot stone for August

Peridot stone of the zodiac sign Leo

Peridot stone to offer 16 years of marriage ....

is a purification stone. Thus, it helps us get rid of the accumulation of our own negative energy (anger, sadness, feelings of abandonment, resentment ...) .It calms anxiety, is effective against eczema.

Our jewelery is designed and made in France. Our stones are reported from India and selected one by one. For superb quality.

cleaning jewellery:

Our jewels are all in silver 925/000 rhodium or 18K gold vermeil 3 microns, which means that the metal will not oxidize and darken to light.

Here are some simple maintenance tips to protect all your jewelry in general.

Remember to remove your jewelry at the end of the day, when playing sports and before showering to avoid the risk of shocks that can damage pavements and gems.

A simple, effective and economical way to clean your jewelry is to soak them in a glass of warm water filled with a few drops of dishwashing liquid.

Using a soft brush, clean the entire jewel gently in order to remove deposits. Dry with a soft cloth.

size :resize
material :Gold
stones :topaz blue london
delivery :3 to 5 days

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PalmTree bracelet

PalmTree bracelet

 Bracelet rhodium silver and vermeil 18k 3microns set with a blue topaz London.

Blue topaz london: stone relaxing, soothing, tolerant

Peridot: energizing, harmonizing, revitalizing


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