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Fine Jewellery

  Delicate, rough, soft, fine, break codes, create contrasts of materials. Jewelery is not classic, quite the contrary it is a commitment of quality. Each stone is chosen with delicacy (up to 4 to 5 selections per stone). Essentially on vermeil (925 silver plated pink gold or 18K yellow gold, 3 microns) and silver rhodium (not oxidize). The drawings are continually sent to our workshop in India where the pieces are made by hand, which gives them a unique effect. The craftsmen with whom we work have more than 15 years of experience. Artisans of talent in the best workshops, for an irreproachable quality.


We pay close attention, with the workshop with whom we work in India, the employees work 6 days / 7, their hours of work in a day from 10 am to 5 pm. They have a salary above the local smic, their transportation is taken care of, they have mineral water and chaï at will throughout their working day.


   All our jewels are in 925 silver and rhodium silver, adorned with stones-
Fines. Noble and natural materials such as leather, shells, mother-of-pearl, coral
And other treasures, found within our ports of call. They are all made in our workshop in France, in the heart of the forest landaise, overlooking the ocean. Each piece is drawn, mounted with love and care.


"It is not you who choose the stone, it is the stone that chooses you according to your need."

The benefits they bring to our "I", each stone has a meaning, benefits, virtues, message, they correspond to a chakra, an astrological sign, a color, a month of birth. We play on the basis of the 7 chakras with garnet, peridot, citrine, opal, labradorite, topaz blue london, smoky quartz, this year we added pink zirconia and amethyst.

"Let us be beautiful inside and outside thanks to the blessings and virtues of stones"


Jewelery and jewelery are made by craftsmen who have more than 15 years of experience and an unrivaled traditional know-how, with the help of a gemologist (FGA graduate and many years of experience around the world) For the selection of stones. The stones are natural and chosen one by one for their purity, their benefits and their virtues.


Growing up in the tropical forest in the heart of Africa and on the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean, gives an imagination, a culture just extraordinary ... Attractive green tropical forest, blue lagoons, Foam waves and sandy beaches ... grow with griffis like the cauri, the ashanti doll, the sand dollar (and many others to discover through the collections), toys from my childhood, small doors Happiness, each with its own history.


Christelle, curious and eternal Globe-Trotteuse ... A former hostess of the air, which allowed her to continue to nourish this culture and creativity throughout the world, during her paradisiacal or urban stopovers, the meeting of peoples and Customs. Enrich his curiosity thanks to the riches of the world.

"I take inspiration from the stops for the realization of the jewels.
I like working on contrasting materials and playing with colors. "

A special attraction for beautiful stones with naturally transparent colors, which tells you of their virtues and benefits. They make you beautiful from inside, as well as from the outside ...

 Want to create jewelery, to wear with finesse, chic throughout the year, such as a tattoo, a talisman that does us good by the benefits of stones and the quality of materials, in the urban jungle, or vacant , The jewelry will never leave you. They will be one with you.

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