The Ashanti doll:

The ideal birth jewel.

The story : According to oral tradition, the kingdom of the Ghana Ashanti fertility doll, would have called Akua.

Etant the object of ridicule, all other African women, because she could not have children, she Ashanti consulted a priest. The latter advised him to wear permanently, this wooden statuette. Although recess, Akua ended up getting pregnant, and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, as pretty as the statue!

These akua'ba statues, commonly called fertility Ashanti dolls are wooden statues, which were, and still are worn by pregnant women in their tight loincloth, to have beautiful children and a family, as is the legend of Akuba. In some areas, they may even be brought before the wedding.

A beautiful jewel to offer to a mother, a future mother, also a jewel for mother and daughter.

Delivery in shell box, for a beautiful presentation.

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