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Ethnic, tropical, chic.

The Sathyne Jewelry Collection, silver 925 rhodium jewelry, vermeil (silver 925, gold plated end 3 microns, 18k) and precious stones.

A jewelry collection to simply carry or earn .... feel free to mix different collections together ...

Discover the benefits and significance of the stones, when choosing your jewelry.

Delivery in box with certificate.

French jewellery design.

  • Sand dollar, jewellery

    Sand dollar, jewellery

    Rhodium-plated silver jewel (rhodium-plating avoids oxidation), 18k yellow gold 3 micron vermeil. mermaids' coins, Caribbean dollar ....

    Ashanti Jewellery

    The Ashanti doll:

    The ideal birth jewel.

    The story : According to oral tradition, the kingdom of the Ghana Ashanti fertility doll, would have called Akua.

    Etant the object of ridicule, all other African women, because she could not have children, she Ashanti consulted a priest. The latter advised him to wear permanently, this wooden statuette....

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