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  • Jewelry Pineapple
  • Flamingo Jewelry
  • Palm Tree Jewelry
  • Cauri jewelry
  • Ashanti jewelery
  • Sand Dollar Jewelry
  • Timeless Jewelry
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The Sathyne Jewelry Collection, one finds silver 925 rhodium jewelry, vermeil (silver 925, gold plated end 3 microns, 18k) and precious stones.

A jewelry collection to simply carry or earn .... feel free to mix different collections together ...

Discover the benefits and significance of the stones, when choosing your jewelry.

  • Africa mon Amour collection

    Collection Africa mon Amour

    Jewelry & accessories 

    It's a collection, made with love in france, in a lovely workshop near Hossegor.

    A jewelry in vulcanite, heishi beads, cowrie, horn.

    The accessories in vegan leather, with a lovely ornement realised in Africa.

    You can imagine a lovely trip in Africa with a beautiful sunsets.

  • Pineapple jewellery

    Pineapple Fine Jewellery.

    "Be a pineapple stand tall wear a crown and be sweet"


  • Ashanti Jewellery

    The Ashanti doll:

    The ideal birth jewel.

    The story : According to oral tradition, the kingdom of the Ghana Ashanti fertility doll, would have called Akua.

    Etant the object of ridicule, all other African women, because she could not have children, she Ashanti consulted a priest. The latter advised him to wear permanently, this wooden statuette....

  • Kauai Jewellery

    Jewelry Kauai, is a collection of jewelry gold plated, aventurine, mother of pearl, druzy of agate and tassels.

    The collection is inspired by the plant culture of Kauai Island and its waterfalls. A wonderful trip in the heart of Hawaiian vegetation. The finesse and softness of the aventurine, the richness of mother-of-pearl, the treasures of the oceans.

  • Caravan jewelry

    Jewelry lucky charm

    Jewelry brings happiness Caravan Collection in Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated ...

  • cowrie jewellery

    Cowry shell luck :

    A Grigri , lucky talisman for Sathyne Jewelry .

    Small shell , small porcelain , discovered the Maldives islands .

    Used as currency, they continue today to be used as medium, decorations and objects of divination.

  • Shell jewellery

    Shell Jewellery

    shell jewellery, gold plated, silver 925, agate, shell

    the story : Ondine a day...

  • Moon Jewellery

    Horn Jewellery


    • bracelet
    • ...
  • shark jewellery

    Shark tooth jewel

    24k gold plated jewelery, genuine shark tooth, fine stones.

  • flamingo jewellery


    "Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons"

    jewelry collection is tropical, vacation .... feel a...

  • Dollar sand jewellery

    Jewelry, mermaid's coins

    Rhodium-plated silver jewel (rhodium-plating avoids oxidation), 18k yellow gold 3 micron vermeil. Currency of the mermaids, Caribbean dollar .......

  • Fidji jewelry

    The Fiji collection was inspired by the frangipani flower also known as plumeria, a lovely paradisiac flower with golden and intoxicating notes.

    This flower has a rich history with multiple meanings among which we find:

    • charm
    • Grace
    • A new life or a birth
    • A new start or a creation
    • spring
    • the...
  • hammered jewelry

    hammered jewelry collection

    Each piece in this collection is hammered by...

  • Palm Tree Jewellery


    "Find me under the palm"

    jewelry collection is tropical, vacation .... feel a range of...

  • Monstera Jewellery
    • bracelet
    • necklace
    • earrings

    material :
    • gemstones
    • 925 silver
    • nacre
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