The Ethiopian cross or the Coptic cross,

You know its story?

Here is its legend:

There are several legends on this matter, but I chose this one it is my preferred. I made you a summary because the story is much longer.

The Queen of Sheba depiction visits to King Salomon who the cured of hideous one infirmity by putting her a precious * wooden cross

King was in love with the Queen and, with their loves, was born a son. The Son became King of Ethiopia under the name of Ménélik 1st and based  the dynasty of the Lion of Judo ( Rastafarian movement).

*Croix wooden precious = called today Ethiopian Cross, there are several sorts there, my preferred is the Coptic cross.

Anecdote: I found mine during a stay in Djibouti in a souk, at a trader who sold many articles But this bronze cross caught my eye, I saw only she. I him(her,it) followed to make redo by silver craftsmen. It will carry you luck and happiness.

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