The Fiji collection was inspired by the frangipani flower also known as plumeria, a lovely paradisiac flower with golden and intoxicating notes.

This flower has a rich history with multiple meanings among which we find:

  • charm
  • Grace
  • A new life or a birth
  • A new start or a creation
  • spring
  • the beauty

In Hawaii

In Hawaiian culture, the plumeria symbolizes what is positive and is used in lei or to celebrate special occasions. Like the tiare flower, worn in the hair, it indicates the marital status of the person wearing it. Above the right ear, it is free while the other side means it is taken.

In the Hindus

Plumeria represents devotion and devotion to Hindu culture.

In Buddhism

In the Buddhist religion, the plumeria symbolizes immortality probably because it produces new flowers even though it has been uprooted. In Laos, the frangipani is sacred and is planted outside of all Buddhist temples. These trees live for hundreds of years.

In the Maya

In Mayan culture, the plumeria flower represents life and birth.

In Mexico

According to a Mexican legend, the flower of the frangipani gave birth to the gods.

You are not ready to forget his message, especially if you go to Polynesia. Its exotic beauty goes straight to the heart and exalts the spirit of its brilliant colors and its intoxicating fragrance. Offer a frangipani flower to love your life if you want to make a lasting impression.

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  • Ring,
  • earrings,
  • necklace

In rhodium-plated silver. Beautiful jewel, fine and discreet. Ideal for a woman, young woman, girl.

The ideal girl mother jewelry.

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