Kauai Jewellery

Jewelry Kauai, is a collection of jewelry gold plated, aventurine, mother of pearl, druzy of agate and tassels.

The collection is inspired by the plant culture of Kauai Island and its waterfalls. A wonderful trip in the heart of Hawaiian vegetation. The finesse and softness of the aventurine, the richness of mother-of-pearl, the treasures of the oceans.

Aventurine :

Like turquoise, aventurine has the reputation of being a soft and beneficial stone that absorbs negative waves and harmful emanations of all kinds: electric and electromagnetic waves, for example emitted by high voltage lines, telluric waves coming from Subterranean waterways and Hartman networks, these strange currents that would grid the surface of the globe. In this, it is protective of the habitat and can be placed to the four corners of the houses to clean the atmosphere.
It is also a stimulating stone in every sense of the word: it gives energy, stimulates creativity, helps decision-making, elaborates projects, clarifies ideas. Linked to the heart chakra, it brings peace of mind and helps to control emotions. Thus, it facilitates meditation and appeasement of anger outbreaks and other negative feelings. It is a stone of peace and balance, the effect of which can be enhanced by associating it with pink quartz.
From a physical point of view, aventurine would fight fever, relieve skin problems (scarring, eczema, high effectiveness on acne). It would be an interesting catalyst in the cure of diseases of psychosomatic origin, as well as those that involve the immune system, acting on the thymus.

The adventurine is generally associated with the signs of Cancer and Sagittarius, but especially that of Taurus, on which it would attract happiness and financial prosperity. It is related to Friday and its planet Venus. The adventurine, in the tradition, is for the moment not related to any anniversary of marriage, nor month of birth.

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