Shell jewellery

Shell Jewellery

shell jewellery, gold plated, silver 925, agate, shell

the story : Ondine a day and a pretty nymph , returned to freshwater currents and reached the edge of the ocean , she discovered pretty sparkling treasures and virvoltant on the sand, pearlescent colors shining with the sun glare and scum the ocean.

Ondine picked up these little shells and put them in her hair as keepsakes . Continuing his walk , discovered small pieces of glass polished by the ocean and decided to make a nice necklace on a gold wire as the sun before returning to bathe in the waterfalls, ponds and rivers thanks to the bright summer days.

Each jewel tells a story to you to write the following by adopting it ...

Contents :

  • 18K gold plating 3 microns
  • 925 agate
  • shell from the Atlantic Ocean or caribbean sea
  • delivery in pouch
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