Caravan jewelry

Jewelry lucky charm

Jewelry brings happiness Caravan Collection in Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated ...

A jewel, a legend, a talisman, she will not leave you anymore.

An ethnic jewel, a lucky charm ....

We love it It will pass through the seasons and the fashions, a timeless grigri ...

 The Ethiopian cross has gone through the centuries, tells a story.

Its importance in Ethiopian culture is explained by the orthodox Christian character of the country.

There are many forms depending on the region or city you are in. We love him for his ethnic side.

The inspiration of this collection was born after an African childhood. Translating the emotions of a country by jewelry was the bet. This country is rough and if it adopts you, it becomes soft and delicate, and you entrant for life. Behind this carapace, it has many treasures, very beautiful emotions and extraordinary energy. Why Caravan? Because in Africa you often cross a caravan, not the caravan to go on holiday. The African caravan is a convoy of goods or a group of people traveling together. It's a bit like what happened with my family when I was a child, we traveled together across the country for about 15 years. Meet different cultures and ethnic groups.

Each jewel tells a story, to you to write the continuation by adopting it.

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