precious metals

The precious metal jewelry :

  • gold, 18 carat rose gold for jewelery
  • silver rhodium ( no oxidation )
  • Vermeil ( 925 gilded with fine gold, 3 micron 18k )

Our jewelry is made ​​in the best workshops , for a wonderful quality.

  • silver rhodium

    The silver rhodium ...

    The word " Rhodium " comes from the precious metal Rhodium ( rarer and more expensive than gold ) . The silver Rhodium is a process used...

  • gold plated

    gold plated jewelry

    It is a common metal (copper, brass ...) covered with a gold plating. A thickness of at least 3 microns of gold (5 microns recommended) is required in France to obtain the name of gold...

  • vermeil jewelry

    Vermeil jewelry.

    Vermeil is a precious metal made of silver coated with gold (yellow or gray, 18 or 22 carats) by a galvanoplastic treatment. It is considered a precious...

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